Shop front signs from Voodoo DesignWorks do an important job and they do it brilliantly.

It’s the job of a shop front sign to identify and distinguish your business. That means making sure it’s seen among all the other signs promoting businesses that are out there and competing for limited attention. Your shop front signage needs to achieve this while reflecting your identity and staying on the right side of any local requirements too.

These are not the easiest of jobs to do, but thankfully you can leave them all to Voodoo DesignWorks. We’ll design, build and install a shop front sign that you’ll be proud to call your own. And we’ll try and leave some change on the table too.

We appreciate you considering us for such an important job. Let Voodoo get down to business so you can too.

Illuminated and non-illuminated Shop Front Signs shown in a montage



Shop front sign for Foreverbound tattoo shop

Designing shop front signs is something Voodoo DesignWorks understands and enjoys. Signage is a crucial element of any shop’s promotional armoury and its important that it’s right. Voodoo does right – and at the right price. Our shop front fascia designs do the important job of making the business stand out. And they reflect its quality and stature too. Shop front sign design needs to be sensitive to a range of needs and may incorporate fabricated and printed elements. Rest assured, Voodoo knows every trick in the book and will design fascia signage for your shop that gets it noticed and that fits your budget too.


Signs being manufactured in the workshops at Voodoo

Making shop front signage calls on a range of manufacturing disciplines, all of which Voodoo DesignWorks has under its own roof. We don’t just have all the technologies needed to construct a wide range of fascia signage, we have materials and the expertise needed to work with them too. So whether your mind’s eye sees a traditional sign in wood or something much more racy in metal and plastics, Voodoo DesignWorks gets it and you can get it done. Our manufacturing work produces shop front sign packages of all types – even projecting signs – so making and installing the whole matched set is within our abilities – and your budget.


Installation of an external sign using acrylic letters onto a wooden fascia

Shop front signage installation is an art in itself. No two sites are ever the same, even if the signs are, and yet the fit has to be perfect. With Voodoo DesignWorks handing the job, your shop front signage will be installed with the same care and consideration we reserve for every stage of design and production. Our installation teams work nationwide and at all hours. We install shop front signage in secure situations such as airports. We work safely at height and, by the time we leave an installation site, the only thing that remains is the positive and lasting impression that our work creates. Quality installation is delivered as standard by Voodoo.

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Q: What are, shop front signs?

A: Shop front signage typically comprises signs that either span the frontage of a shop or similar business or that project in a perpendicular fashion from it. Such signs can be illuminated, or non illuminated, and they can be made from a variety of materials including Perspex.

Shop front signs’ lettering and logos embody a variety of construction types. For example halo-lit elements are very popular where metal letters are specified and mixed media constructions favour rim-and-return. Rimless lettering is possible in all material types but is particularly popular where Perspex is used.

Shop front signs are required by the businesses they identify to stand out day and night. This means that fascia signs for retail businesses are often lit by LEDs. Animated light effects are used but with a degree of caution as planning is sometime needed. Shop front fascia signage is primarily a branding and identity continuation measure.

Signage for shops is very often surrounded by similarly constructed signs as shops tend to occur in concentrations. The space about a shop’s frontage is easily seen from a distance and from the pave immediately in front of it. Projecting signage is used in situation where the shop’s brand must be seen from other angles. Many different constructions feature in modern shop signs.

Routed letters and fascia utilising natural materials for a restaurant
Holders shop front sign - Bristol
Vinyl wrap for a shop front

Q: How are shop front signs made?

A: Manufacturing shop front signs involves fabrication skills, printing expertise and experience working with a range of materials including plastic, metal and wood.

Typically, shop front signs are made by routing rigid materials and then assembling the routed elements to form a finished shop fascia sign. Because such signs must endure wind and weather, materials used tend to err toward high quality products capable of lasting outdoors. Such signs have to be safe too. Elements falling from height could be dangerous if the sign is poorly built on installed. Installed signs should last at least a decade.

Finish is again a major part of shop fascia sign builds. Paints and coatings are common and self-coloured plastics preferred. Natural materials such as wood will be coated with a protection measure such as varnish.

Creative restaurant business signage for Low and Slow
Built up illuminated letters for the Regatta shop front
Vinyl Graphics for a shop front

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Q: What can shop front signs be used for?

A: Shop front signs have a limited range of applications primarily focussed on retailing.

The most common application for a shop front sign is advertising the business to which the sign relates. For this reason, design is often prescribed and there is little or no license to vary the specification. Fascia signs are not typically used indoors other than in under cover malls and other shopping centres. Quality required is the same.

Shops using fascia signing today present operators with options but the requirement in terms of construction may be mandated by a shopping centre owner. To do the limited job it needs to do and to do it well, the performance of the sign must be maximised within allowed limits. Constructing such signs is a highly skilled process Voodoo does very well.

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