If you really want to transform an office interior, let us do something with all of those anonymous glazed partition walls and acres of magnolia emulsion…

Voodoo DesignWorks has built quite a specialisation around office branding. We can turn entry-level glazed partitions and featureless walls into something much more functional – and way beyond attractive. For such a big effect, the cost is low, and if and when you move, it’s easy to transform the glazing and painted surfaces to their original states.

Our office branding partition transformations encourage a feeling of privacy and yet still permit a view to an extent that our design can control. Light still flows freely and the whole effect makes for an elevated feel-good factor that wins points with anyone who has to work in, or visit, the environment. Let us loose on the ambient décor too.

It’s worth pointing out that large office branding transformations involve project management skill. Not to worry, we’ll bring ours with us.

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Office window partition safety graphics

Lots of office space these days starts life as a cavernous ‘plate’ in a big and usually open building that’s later transformed into office accommodation with the erection of glazed office partitions. Voodoo DesignWorks can enhance such glazing with applied graphics that reflect corporate ID and deliver both security and privacy measures too. Our work truly enhances established ambient décor. Any pattern, colour, design or picture is possible and installation is clean and only minimally disruptive. It’s possible to achieve a really major impact with even a small budget and the benefit to the whole operating environment is positive and remarkable and really lifts your brand.


Office window partition graphics

We’ve got access to some amazing materials that make it possible to transform and personalise office glazing, partitions and walls. We have materials that simulate etch effects. We have materials that support the display of a design on one side of a clear panel and a view through from the other. We even have materials that enable the display on glazed surfaces of any picture or pattern desired. Putting these materials to work isn’t expensive when you speak to Voodoo DesignWorks. And whether our production involves printing branded office graphics or cutting etch effects for partitions, the work is of the highest standard. Get in touch. It costs nothing to talk to Voodoo.


One way vision partition graphics

Installing partition graphics and office decor is something that Voodoo DesignWorks does often. We work with facilities managers, with office occupiers and buildings’ owners to make sure that we install what’s needed where and when required. Our installation team can work at any hour of the day and we cover the country. All we’ll leave behind us is a positive impression and a clean site. We’ll work in secure and restricted locations too. Installing the partition graphics we produce can be done either on existing structures or on a build’s elements before the structure is erected. Either way, your occupiers won’t be greatly inconvenienced.

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Q: What are branded partition graphics and office décor?

A: Partition graphics are applied graphics that may be either printed or cut, and which are adhered to the glazed elements of office partition walls. Such graphics are used to impart decorative effects, to achieve privacy or to reflect corporate identity.

Partition graphics may be required to distinguish expanses of glazing in situations where there is a risk of people colliding with glass they can’t see. In such cases our work can be based on design that uses colours and elements that counterpoint surrounding decor and architecture.

Increasingly, partition graphics are used to achieve a feeling of well-being in environments that are otherwise open. Despite establishing a delineation with the space beyond, such glazing decor still admits light. So even where the largest expanses are concerned, natural light still flows.

Etch effect graphics for office partitions
Partition Graphics
Signs and graphics used in an office environment on a wall

Q: How are branded partition graphics and office decor made?

A: Voodoo DesignWorks produces partition graphics and office decor using print and cut technologies and employs a very large range of materials too. Typically, post design, partition decor is printed in a wide format digital printer and the elements of the print are then cut on a specialist plotter. The parts are then arranged to comprise a finished design and applied on site.

We may on occasions combine material types in a single design or use opaque materials in a controlled fashion on transparent surfaces. This approach facilitates a degree of light transmission remaining and yet achieves privacy. Opaque materials can be self-coloured or printed.

Cut graphics can be employed on partitions to make the glazed elements look as though they comprise expensive, etched glass. While the effect is very authentic, the price is a small fraction of the real thing and it can be removed or changed at low cost too.

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Q: Where can branded partition graphics and office decor be used?

A: Office partition graphics can be used anywhere there’s an office space that could be usefully decorated or separated from an adjacent space. In practice, this means that any glazed wall or door can be part of the scheme.

Solid walls can carry design continuations of themes established on glass and windows too can be decorated. Because the applied graphics don’t permanently change the structure to which they are applied, they can be removed when the building occupier moves on and makes way for something new.

Voodoo DesignWorks is an expert project manager and delivers decor projects of all shapes and sizes. Our work is within reach of even the smallest budget and the impact achieved can be impressive. Working with Voodoo DesignWorks is easy to and we’d welcome contact. Read on.

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