Signs and graphics can’t defy gravity but there’s more than one way to mount them and keep them flying. Take a good look at Rod, Stand-Off and Cable mounting and suspension signage.

We wouldn’t normally get very excited about the way a sign is mounted and it’s not at all likely we’d want to talk to potential customers about it. With rod, cables and stand-offs though, that changes. That’s because these novel means of fixing signs form an attractive part of the sign itself. We thought you’d like to know.

There’s a great variety of hardware available to us and it’s all as attractive as it is functional. You can choose from materials such as polished brass and contrast that with satin silver. You can accentuate the positive with a very obvious rod or hide it with a slim cable. Anything’s possible.

There’s more than one way to fix a sign and when you add stand-offs, cables and rods to the mix, there’s thousands. Did we mention it’s affordable?

Rod, Cable and Stand-Off-Signage - Hero Shot



Rod, cable and stand off - Directional Signage

Signs that are mounted on stand-offs or suspended by cables and rods actually benefit from the aesthetics contributed by the mounting system. Rather than just put that benefit in our back pocket and forget about it, we’ll use it to great effect. We design signs that work with the mounting system, so that they look like one well coordinated and holistic whole. The signs tend to be functional, very attractive, and work brilliantly indoors.


Rod, cable and stand off - Directional Signage

Because rod, cable and stand off sign systems are so versatile, our production department never knows quite what’s going to arrive from our designers next. Nobody is complaining though. We’ve worked on some amazing signs using these novel fixing means over the years, and they always look great. Now that clear acrylic is available with coloured blushes, rod cable and stand-off signage looks even better. If you want a wayfinding or directory sign, make sure to look at rod, cable and stand-off signage.


Stainless steel stand off - Corporate Signage

Rod cable and stand-off signage typically comprises lots of little bits and pieces. Bolting it all together on site is a job that is best left to our expert installation team. We will put together the system correctly, and make sure that the elements in it can be updated if needed. We’ll also leave you clear instructions so that you can keep your installation looking beautiful and crystal clear. Not much is needed in the way of maintenance, but proper cleaning is required. It only takes a few minutes.

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Q: What are rod cable and stand of signs?

A: The rods, cables, and stand-offs, comprise the component parts of the whole sign mounting system. These components fit together, with sign panels to form the finished signage. Because of the snap together nature of the system it is incredibly versatile.

A typical sign made this way, may include two vertically mounted rods with flame polished acrylic panels mounted using panel clamps between the rods. Each panel can carry its own message or design, and the panels can vary in size with smaller planks each addressing a particular subject promoting a brand.

The physical fixings or components are available in a number of very attractive finishes. We have also, when asked, painted these components so further accentuating the signs’ aesthetic value. Don’t worry, we will sketch it out for you first.

Acrylic and stand off - Corporate Signage
Rod and stand off - Wayfinding Signage
Rod, cable and stand off - Directional Signage

Q: How are rod cable and stand off signs produced?

A: Making rod, cable and stand off signage is primarily an exercise in panel fabrication. Clear acrylic is favoured. This is sawn or routed into the size or shape needed and its edges will then be dressed and flame polished. Lettering and logos can be provisioned using print, engraving, or other means of marking the panel.

Physical assembly of all the component parts, usually takes place on site. Any illumination needed, will first be done at the manufacturing base. When there is a need to update an installed sign, the parts can be taken to the installation site and the work done with the sign in situ.

Nothing is needed in the way of permanent fixings when the sign is assembled although the means of fixing it to the wall or hanging it are usually a permanent part of the installation. If the sign is required to be suspended from a ceiling, it could be attached magnetically to suspended ceiling components.

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Q: Where are rod cable and stand off signs used?

A: Almost always indoors. The main area of application for such signs, is in the form of directories or elements of a wayfinding sign system. Unlike extruded aluminium systems, rod and cable signs can feature a significant element of custom fabrication.

Rod and cable signage or signs mounted on stand-offs can also be used to make a very impactful branding statement, and their use is very popular in the reception areas of office suites. Rod and cable mounted signage and stand off sign panels come in a wide range of sizes and are surprisingly affordable.

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