Rimless, or full-face lettering and logos, look crisp and very modern in lit and unlit variations.

Rimless letters comprise a letter ‘face’ and a ‘return’ which can be in a contrasting material and which defines the construction’s thickness. We can construct rimless lettering and logos in a wide range of materials, finishes and colours making them very versatile and attractive.

Rimless lettering and logos can be mounted to virtually any solid surface. Front lighting is an option and, when lit from within, the light can emit from the face and the return , the face alone, or the rear of the lettering or logo.

There’s a practical lower limit on size for rimless lettering before other construction methods are preferred but very large constructions pose few problems. Using the right materials, rimless constructions can last for decades and can be refurbished.

Rimless Lettering and Logos Hero Shot Montage



Rimless lettering for Gap in a shopping centre

Rimless lettering and logos typically use every available part of the letter and logo face to display colour or light and don’t have a rim retaining the face where it meets the return edge. They look great. Really clean and highly impressive results are possible particularly when Voodoo DesignWorks gets creative with the materials and colours. When our designs feature a little lighting, the volume get really pumped. In terms of a top quality, high impact lit sign – there’s nothing better. We think you’ll like the price too.


Rimless Lettering during fabrication

It looks deceptively simple but putting a rimless letter or logo together involves big demands in terms of precision. You want the light to get out, but only where design intends. You don’t want fixings and glue on show. We’ll make your rimless lettering and logos the right way and we’ll do it first time out too. It’s our job. We’ll put all of our art and craft into the exercise and we know you’ll be delighted with the result. We’re into the classy end of the pool when you go rimless. Voodoo will ensure you make a splash.


Rimless lettering for Asics on Oxford Street

It’s all in the details and you don’t want details letting you down when it comes to the priceless and classic good looks that rimless lettering and logos deliver. Our installation team bring the sign to site. They bring experience too. When the sign goes up, it’ll be correctly spaced, perfectly powered and evenly lit. Our installation will say things about your business and brand and leave nothing but a positive impression. Despite what you may have heard about rimless constructions being expensive, Voodoo knows a few tricks that leave change on the table but that don’t abandon quality.

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Q: What are rimless letters and logos?

A: Rimless letters and logos employ a rather tricky construction technique that mates the letter or logo’s face, with its return edge without a rim being used to hold the face or disguise the joint. That means the joint has to be perfect. It has to be light tight. It has to be strong.

Rimless lettering looks so clean it’s preferred in applications where the primary objective is radiating pure class and quality. So it’s right to say that signs constructed around rimless techniques occupy the skilled end of the manufacturing spectrum.

Rimless lettering and logos light up beautifully and as razor-sharp in terms of legibility. The look great in most situations but excel in applications where there’s no substitute for visual impact and strong dimensional presence.

Rimless lettering for Regatta in a shopping centre
Rimless lettering for Bench in a shopping centre
Rimless lettering for Horders in Bristol

Q: How are rimless letters and logos made?

A: Rimless lettering and logos are hand built from hand-cut custom component parts cut from plastics, metals and very occasionally other sheet materials. The assembly involves high orders of precision so expert soldering or mechanical welding is used in assembly.

After the letter or logo is fabricated, edges will be finished to remove any and all evidence of joining materials. The effect is a seamless transition from the return edge to the face and a clean break across colours and contrasts.

Lighting is installed in rimless constructions with the cavity optionally being sealed. The light can halo the mounted letter or only escape its face dependent upon design intent.

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Q: Where can rimless lettering and logos be used?

A: It’s not our intent to limit the application for beautiful rimless lettering and logos so Voodoo DesignWorks advocates them anywhere space and budget allows. They cost more to build than less complex constructions but they work absolutely anywhere.

You can really put a business on the map when you brand it with an illuminated shop front sign made from rimless lettering. It stands out a mile. The quality and visual impact is without equal.

Make your rimless letters from metal and they can be used as real statement pieces in top quality architectural installations. Stainless on slate. Brass on wood. Your application choices are endless and so are the materials we can use. We’d love to talk you through, and show you the possibilities and that’s easier than you think. Read on.

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