Lots of illuminated signs, maybe even most of them, are lit with light sources positioned out of sight behind the sign panel. Others signs though make a feature of being lit from the front…

We love front-lit signage. That’s because front lighting schemes  can work with more traditional sign constructions and maintain that all important visibility long beyond dusk. Front lights are in the open and plainly visible. They can look wonderful and really add a quality signature to the signs they illuminate.

There’s a limited extent to which front-lighting can be deployed. We work well within those limits and come up with relaxed designs that stand out among the crowd without resort to neighbour-offending light levels and shrieking colours. Front-Lit = Class-Act. Voodoo DesignWorks keeps it that way.

There’s a narrow spectrum of application for front-lighting. We’ll get every nuance out of it and make your sign look brilliant.

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Front Lit Signage for a Shopfront

Front-lit signage comes in many flavours so there’s almost certain to be a sign we can design that meets with your needs. Front lighting can be right out there and a very obvious part of the sign’s design – think brass swan-neck lights for example. Equally, front-lighting can be modern and discrete such as extruded aluminium systems that can light from top or bottom and work well with very simple fascia sign designs. Our design capability covers the lot.


Front Lit Signage for a Pub

Front lit signs do tend to be of a more simple fabric and construction than signs which are internally illuminated because the body of the sign itself does not have to incorporate lighting elements, or let the light out. Front lit signs are made mainly from opaque materials. When lit from the front, this class of signage still stands out. Popular materials for front lit signs include wood and plastic. The lighting its self can be very decorative and attractive.


Front Lit Signage_Bespoke Signage

Front light signs are simpler than backlit signs and often comprise little more than a panel. That said, we still recommend that installation is left to an expert. Voodoo DesignWorks offers a complete installation service and will leave your sign shining bright. Our installation team has the craft based skills needed to install front-lit signage and the associated hardware for sign lighting. Modern hardware for front lighting is energy-efficient, and usually LED based.

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Q: What are front lit signs?

A: Front lit signs, are simply signs that are lit from the front. This means, with a front lit sign, the lighting hardware is on display just like the sign. Signs made this way, often make a feature of the lighting.

Lighting, can be ornate or very simple. Either way, it must be correctly positioned so as to avoid glare reflecting off the face of the sign. Today’s sign lighting hardware is designed expressly to support this.

Front lit signs transcend the purely functional requirements, and are often ornate pieces of art with a functional application. They lend real character to restaurants, pubs, and similar establishments. Let Voodoo show you how.

Front Lit Interior Signage
Front Lit Wooden Signage
Front Lit Signage for a Shopfront

Q: How are front lit signs made?

A: Front lit signs usually comprise a simple panel which will probably be framed, and maybe made from a variety of materials. The panel is usually mounted straight to the wall and the lighting, disposed above so that it shines upon the panel.

Front lit signs can be digitally printed, comprise routed lettering, or cut and applied graphics. It is rare, that a front lit sign will comprise fabricated elements. The most popular application is what might be called traditional signs. That said, modern variations are known.

Signs are not difficult to construct with different lighting schemes including LED front lights and the impact of an illuminated sign can be achieved at modest cost. Like any illuminated sign, the front lit sign will standout around the clock.

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Q: Where can I use front-lit signage?

A: Front lit signing works inside and out and can be used practically anywhere that there is a need for stylish and effective signage that needs to stand out. Front lit signs look good in daylight too and don’t need to be turned on.

Front lit signs are most commonly seen in situations where they are promoting a hospitality business like a pub or a restaurant. This is perhaps because such signing is usually traditional in design and the lighting hardware can look traditional too.

There are lots of design options for you to explore in front lit signs. We suggest a conversation with Voodoo so that you can explore those options and get a sign that really suits the needs of your business. There’s lots of ways of getting in touch with us:

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