Hey Mr Facilities-Manager, you’ve found the permanent solution to temporary signage and graphics. It’s Voodoo DesignWorks.

Just because you’re not planning to keep a sign up for long or you’re in need of graphics that only have to do the job for a week or two doesn’t mean they can’t look great. Our temporary signage and graphics’ pricing will leave a permanent smile on your face and there won’t be a trace left when you remove them.

Some temporary signage makes its location’s site look like a disaster area. Ours is on brand, considerately designed and produced and very functional. Rather than take a one size fits and that’s your lot attitude, we produce just what’s needed to do the job well.

There’s no need to obscure your site with ugly signage. Make your temporary signage look like it’s part of the plan. We’ll help.

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Temporary storefront graphics advising of new tenant coming soon

If temporary signage and graphics have a problem, it’s that they usually look temporary and do little to halo the quality of the brands and businesses that have to use them on occasions. At Voodoo DesignWorks, we’ve made temporary signage and graphics a bit of a specialisation. So instead of shuttered retail premises looking like they’re pending demolition, they can look like businesses in waiting. We’ll design temporary signage and graphics that tells the story well and that doesn’t look like afterthought.


Temporary banner graphic with fixings

Making signage and graphics for temporary applications means that using over-specified materials for the job achieves nothing other than making the signs more expensive. Our goal is to use materials that look great and that perform well over the expected lifespan of the sign, and to use them intelligently. The result is temporary signage that looks great and that does its job for as long as its needed. It also results in more manageable costs and change on the table. You don’t have to compromise quality.


Large scale temporary promotional window graphics

Just because an application or installation doesn’t have a longer-term future, it doesn’t mean is has to be poorly deployed. The only difference is, we’ll install your signs and graphics mindful of the fact they’ll need to be retrieved at some point. We’ll do that well too. We won’t leave any evidence that temporary signing was in situ. We’ll clean up after ourselves too. Let Voodoo DesignWorks take care of your temporary signage needs once and we’re confident that you’ll make the arrangement permanent.

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Q: What are temporary signs and graphics?

A: Temporary signs and graphics are distinguished from more permanent sign and graphics installations in that they are designed and produced with a shorter service life in mind and engineered to minimise costs.

Temporary signs can announce the coming of a new business and be removed when it arrives. Temporary signage can be used to obscure construction works in the manner of a hoarding. Temporary signs can powerfully identify a pop-up business and give it presence.

Temporary signs typically have a planned life and so are made with materials that are easy to dispose of and recycle. Materials tend to be of lower cost too.

Temporary Signs and Graphics applied to an office wall
Banner in a frame with eyelets
Temporary interactive graphics on a window

Q: How are temporary signs made?

A: Temporary signs are made in much the same way as their more durable partners but using lower cost materials and a different design intent.

We operate hardware that enables us to produce high quality print for temporary applications and which doesn’t compromise impact. Our machining systems work with easily crafted materials that we can bend to all sorts of purposes and recycle.

If we’re making temporary signage for an end-user installation, we will include fixings as required and instructions sufficient to assist anyone reasonably practical to do a good job. If we think the job requires skilled hands, we’ll suggest that.

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Q: Where can temporary signs and graphics be used?

A: Temporary signs and graphics have found a very useful home obscuring the view into empty shops and premises and announcing the new business that will soon be moving in. The same format can be used to promote local events.

Temporary signs can be used to brand pop-ups. They have a role in offices that are moving around too. Think temporary signs if you’re planning a rebrand or need to remove a structure for maintenance.

Even if a sign is only needed for the short term, make sure it says the right thing about your situation or business. Voodoo DesignWorks can help you with that and we’d suggest you get in touch with us. Read on.

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