There comes a point when your menu board starts letting the side down or confusing your customers. That’s when you call Voodoo DesignWorks.

Your menu board is nothing short of a salesman. Its job isn’t just to tell customers what’s on the menu and what it costs. It’s to make your offering appealing and to help people order what they want. We can help with that. We can design and produce a menu board that does you justice.

We offer all sorts of menu boards from simple printed and mounted articles to fully digital systems with animation and prices you can update yourself. There will be something that suits the needs of you and your business. Branding is our speciality. So you can be sure that anything we supply will powerfully reflect your identity.

Make sure Voodoo DesignWorks is on the menu where you’re shopping for menu boards. We’ll make sure that what you’re selling looks good enough to eat.

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A menu board as a wall graphic or mural

Menu boards have quite a duty to discharge whether it’s in a café or a restaurant. They have to tell customers what’s available, they have to make it appealing too. Menu systems have to tell customers how much things cost as well. Voodoo DesignWorks designs menu systems and menu boards that do exactly what menu boards need to do. We’ll make sure that our designs promote your brand make your business attractive, and keep customers coming back for more.


Interchangeable menu boards items shown in close up

Voodoo DesignWorks makes menu boards from simple printed affairs that simply mount on the wall, to systems with pricing and content elements that you can change yourself. One of our products will be right for you and your restaurant or café. Menu boards we make are exceptionally legible, easy to work with, and they are made a price you can afford too. We work with custom designs so your restaurant or café can look it’s wonderful individual self thanks to its promotion.


Custom menu board for an outdoor restaurant

Chances are your menu board will be a simple enough thing for you to install yourself. If it’s not or if you feel you need a hand, Voodoo DesignWorks installation team is here to do just that. Some menu boards are illuminated and if that’s the case we will take care of the electrical installation too. If you want to install your system yourself, we will make sure that we supply everything you need to do that. Your menu board is just like a salesman. Come to us and it will be a good one.

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Q: What are menu boards?

A: Menu boards can be very simple things. Some are little more than a flat panel with a little text. Others are more complex and comprise fully illustrated graphics, areas you can change yourself, and even electronic displays with variable data content.

Menu boards are ultimately there to inform. For that reason, and for others, they need to be legible and accurate. Menu boards are normally observed at close quarters. That means any graphics need to be sharp, and the text needs to be crisp too. Our high-quality print delivers on all fronts.

Custom design plays a big role in menu boards and menu systems  generally. They do much to reflect the character of the business whose goods they promote. Pictures, when they’re included, even provoke appetite.

A triptych of Chalk menu boards
Menu boards shown on an event catering unit
Close up of a custom made, contour cut menu board

Q: How are menu boards made?

A: Voodoo DesignWorks can turn to a number of production technologies and materials to make menu boards. We use printing and specialist materials to make modern looking boards that function well and cost little. We integrate electronic systems so the displays can be variable and the content bright and appealing.

Typical instructions include framed flat surfaces with the details printed upon them, and more elaborate constructions with wipe clean surfaces and custom graphics. It is important that menus can be updated easily and many of our designs can.

Some menu boards are required to reflect a period feel. We can select materials that look aged even if they’re not. That means you’ll get a characterful menu that works well in your restaurant pub or café.

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Q: Where should menu boards be used?

A: You clearly need a menu board inside your premises, but had you considered the role for something outside? Menu boards outside restaurants do a great job getting customers inside. There is a case made for having an exterior menu too.

Once your customers are inside, your menu system can really do its work. Your menu board should be in a prominent position where all of your customers can see it, and it should be attractive, reflecting both your brand and the ambient feel you’re trying to set on the premises.

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Working with Voodoo DesignWorks

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