We design, make and install all kinds of illuminated signs for shops. We work with shops of all shapes and sizes too.  And we deliver unbeatable value whatvever the size of your budget.

Montage of illuminated signs for retail and business

We design
illuminated shop signs…

Graphics Design Process in action at Voodoo DesignWorks

We design illuminated shop signs. If yours is a new business that needs its identity developing, no problem, we’d be delighted to help and we have an in-house design team to do the job. If your business has an established design, we can work with that too and we’re very happy to talk to your designer or agency if needed.

We manufacture
illuminated shop signs…

Inspecting an acrylic letter for an illuminated sign prior to being glued into a routed aluminium tray with opal acrylic diffuser

We manufacture illuminated signs for shops. We make illuminated signs for shops of all shapes and sizes and we work with some amazing materials too so our signs are distnctive, highly individual and above all effective. Let’s put a Voodoo illuminated shop sign to work for you.

We install
illuminated shop signs…

Side profile photo of internally illuminated, rimless aluminium letters with opal acrylic faces for a shopping centre unit in Manchester

We intstall the illuminated shop signs that we manufacture. Our installation team deliver your shop sign to your premises and install it as part of the service Voodoo extends to its customers. Our team is qualified to work wherever they need to operate and we work round the clock if access timing is an issue.

We’re ready to help with your illuminated shop signs project

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Illuminated shop front signs and shop fascia signage powerfully advertise any kind of business. We make illuminated signage for some of the biggest brands out there and we can make illuminated signs for you too.

Our signs are designed to perform. We make illuminated signage from Perspex, from Dibond and metals. We use energy efficient LED lighting for shop signs that look big and bright and that make the most of resources.

Our custom designed illumination for signs ensures that your lit shop signage gets noticed for the right reasons. Illuminated signs will put your business on the map and work 24/7.


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