Illuminated Kitchen Signs have suddenly become ‘a thing.’ Everyone wants to be the next Master Chef.

We don’t have much going on with people who love their kitchens, but chance are that you do if you design, make and install kitchens for a living. We should talk. We can add a bit of value to your work and help you bring a big smile you your customers’ faces – we make all kinds of illuminated signs.

We make signs on a bespoke basis at prices people are happy to pay. We work with all sorts of plastics, timbers and wood and that all-important lighting is second nature too. The results look attractive, last for decades and would flatter any kitchen installation.

Ask us about the our sub-contract signs manufacturing. One off. Many. We’re here to help you.

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Illuminated signage for a kitchen wall

Voodoo DesignWorks is a commercial sign making company. That means we design the signs you see in the man-made world around you. The most popular shops. The biggest brands. The entertainment destinations. They’re all Voodoo customers. We were caught completely by surprise when people were getting in touch with us wanting illuminated signs for their kitchens at home. Turns out, custom illuminated kitchen signs are quite a thing, and the Voodoo is pretty good at designing and making them. So, if you think you’re a star in the kitchen, let the world know – with a sign from Voodoo.


Custom illuminated shapes for kitchens

Voodoo DesignWorks is a sign production company. So, we know how to make illuminated signs. If the sign you want happens to be for your kitchen, that’s fine with us. Voodoo’s signage is seen everywhere and we’re delighted that it’s popping up in kitchens and homes too. You have, when you get in touch with Voodoo, and AMAZING range of options when it comes to a kitchen sign. We can put your name in lights on a nice slim panel for very little money. We can make you something in polished steel and Perspex like you see on the TV, for a little more. Let’s have a chat about it. Costs nothing and we’re all ears.


Custom illuminated splashback for a kitchen

Some signs are simply hung on the wall much like a picture, plugged in and turned on. We don’t need to come along an do that for you, that’s a simple DIY job. Other types of signs we can make are within the means of a practical person too. If you’re going all out with a bespoke, fabricated kitchen sign though, we’d suggest you leave its installation to Voodoo DesignWorks’ team. It’s a specialist job, we do it all the time and we’d be delighted to come along and do it for you too. We can work in a finished kitchen, or while you’re having one installed. Either way, we’ll do a great job for you.

Let’s send you a brochure…

It’s amazing what the Voodoo DesignWorks could do for you. It’s all in our brochure and we have one with your name on it.

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Q: What are custom made illuminated kitchen signs?

A: Funny you should ask. We didn’t know either until people started rocking up and asking for them. We’re not sure how it started, but it’s now a pretty cool thing to celebrate your mastery of the kitchen by putting your name in lights on the wall.

So that’s it. Kitchen signs are just that. Lovely looking signs that you put in the kitchen. Signs are signs of course, wherever they are situated. In the case of signs for a kitchen, they don’t need to endure a couple of decades’ worth of exterior weather so they can be made from less resistant materials.

Above all, we think that illuminated kitchen signs are part of your home and part of the domestic horizon. We like them to look good and to be appropriately scaled for a kitchen. We put care into that. They make wonderful gifts and say ‘thanks’ every time they’re seen.

Individually illuminated letters for a kitchen wall
Small illuminated sign for a kitchen shelf
Faux neon for a kitchen wall

Q: How are bespoke kitchen signs made?

Custom made illuminated signs for kitchen are not too different from the signs you see in and above shops and the like. So it’ll come as no surprise that they’re made along the same likes too. Lots of ways of doing that.

Signs can be printed, machined or made from custom parts cut from flat materials. It all rather depends what you’re setting out to achieve. It depend on your budget too. Exterior signs above shops come at a price that’d make most eyes water for a decorative sign but having said that, Voodoo can make a very big impact with a small budget.

Bespoke signs are hand-made things. We’d be happy to explain how they’re put together and from what but there’s so many ways of doing it, it’s best to get in touch and have a chat. There’s a lot of ways that Voodoo can help.

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Voodoo-Connect delivers a live, broadcast-quality video and audio presentation and discussion from us to you and its streamed live right to your desktop and as many people as you need to invite. We can discuss your project, you can all see our samples, tour our facility and more – no need for a camera at your end because we don’t see you or your colleagues.

Voodoo Connect – It’s a great way for us all to discuss your project live and the quality is simply amazing.

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Q: Where can my kitchen sign go?

This one’s easy. We can put a nice illuminated sign in your kitchen practically anywhere there’s space on a wall to put a picture, or room to hang something off a ceiling or beam. No limits there.

We’d suggest avoiding anywhere that gets too splashy or steamy and if your sign ends up being very detailed, you won’t want to be cleaning cooking splashes off it every five minute. Somewhere clean and dry then.

Power is never too far away in a kitchen so turning the lights on in your sign won’t exercise you much. And if it all sounds a bit too hard at the day’s end, don’t forget that Voodoo could, if you ask, put a mural on your wall instead. Read on, here’s how you get in touch:

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Working with Voodoo DesignWorks

Voodoo is an affordable and very capable designer, manufacturer and installer of kitchen signs for people just like you. It costs nothing at all to explore options with Voodoo and there’s lots of ways to do that:

You can call us on 01454 202070

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We can send you a brochure that tells you a little more about us.

We can assemble a custom information pack for you if you tell us a little about your needs.

Voodoo DesignWorks is at your disposal. We’ll make your kitchen sign and it’ll be great – we’ll do it at a price you can afford.

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