You’d never know it, but there’s a lot of engineering effort wrapped up in the making of fabricated lettering and logos. Leave that to us though.

We can fabricate custom lettering and logos from all manner of plastics, metals and woods. We can bring material into unlikely sounding alliances. We can throw in energy efficient lighting if that’s what the application demands too. Fabrication is a craft based skill. Give that a bit of help with technology and great things happen.

There are hundreds of ways to put fabricated elements together. Each has its attractions and its specific appeal. Voodoo DesignWorks knows them all and has the smarts needed to invent something special if you need it.

Let’s get this project moving. Bespoke signing at its very best is a lot more affordable than you may think. At least it is from Voodoo.

Bespoke Fabricated Lettering + Logos Hero Shot Montage



Bespoke Fabricated Logo for a casino in Manchester

First we look at the aesthetics. There is little point going to the expense of having a custom fabricated sign or lettering made if it looks less than perfect. Then we considered the engineering. The fabrication criteria will be informed by the material and assembly technique we use. The point we are trying to make is the engineering effort that goes into making bespoke fabricated lettering and logos. Please don’t let that concern you, it’s something our designers understand.


A Bespoke Fabricated Letter being made in our workshop

Fabricating lettering and logos, particularly when they are custom designed, is a craft-based skill that only time alone can teach. No two fabrication jobs are the same but the technique might be. Our production department has all the bells and whistles and knows how to create a great tune out of a custom fabrication exercise. We will use the right materials, and we will apply the right skills. We’ll do a job for you that delivers the best custom lettering you’ve seen.


Bespoke Fabricated Logo for a stage show

Installing bespoke fabricated lettering and logos,  and all the signage that typically comprises them, is not a job we choose to leave to the end user. We have, on site here at Voodoo, an installation team that knows how to conduct final assembly on site, how to produce a tidy electrical installation, and how to commission the spectacular fabricated signage assemblies that we make. Custom signs are designed to stand out, and to do so for the right reasons. Ours will.

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Q: What are bespoke fabricated lettering and logos?

A: Custom fabricated lettering and logos comprise a class of fabricated sign elements which are assembled from components manufactured from various resistant materials. The finished result is highly dimensional lettering and logos which may be either illuminated or non-illuminated.

Many designs exist for the construction of such lettering and logos. These distil to letter styles, not to be confused with fonts, that have much of a bearing on the overall look and feel of the sign. Styles include rimless, rim and return, and halo lit among many others.

Custom fabricated lettering can be made from many different materials which are often used in combination. Among the most popular are stainless steel and Perspex. Signs made from this combination are commonplace and yet highly individual.

Custom built up letters for a retail outlet at Gloucester Quays
Gold built up letters for a casino restaurant
Bespoke Fabricated Logo for a Pizza Restaurant

Q: How are bespoke fabricated lettering and logos made?

A: Fabricated lettering and logos are always built on a customised basis. The process begins with an overall design which grounds the look and feel, and proceeds to distil the elements involved to an engineering essence that can then be built.

Hard materials are typically used and so machining is pre-requisite. The raw materials are typically sheets, and so the elements that are cut from them, often need to be formed or bent. The component parts are then built into a finished assembly with customised fixings or welding.

Finishing is an important part of the assembly process and will be informed by the materials used. Raw metals are typically polished, painted, or powder coated. Perspex looks just great in its natural state. And if there’s any wood involved, that could be stained or painted.

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Q: Where can I use bespoke fabricated lettering and logos?

A: What we are discussing is probably the most versatile part of the sign and graphic industries’ output. No surprise then, fabricated lettering and logos work absolutely anywhere. It doesn’t really matter whether the venue is indoors or out, or the installation is small or something on a major scale. Custom fabricated lettering works everywhere, even at landmark scale.

The scope of our experience in using bespoke fabricated lettering and logos includes shopping centres, the concentrations of retail businesses, and anywhere there is something worth promoting or putting in the spotlights’ focus.

Customer that come to us for fabricated lettering and logos become great friends. That’s because we speak often throughout the design and production process, and we usually find ourselves welcoming them back for more work as well. We would love to make a friend of you and get to know about your project. How about getting in touch?

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