We Make Signs for Restaurants

We design, manufacture and install brilliant and affordable, custom-designed signs for all kinds of restaurants. Our restaurant signage works for businesses of all shapes and sizes. We deliver big impact at a very reasonable price.

A variety of Restaurant Signs both internal and external shown in a Montage

We design restaurant signs…

Graphics Design Process in action at Voodoo DesignWorks

We design all sorts of signage suitable for any flavour of restaurant. Restaurant sign-design has to discharge two big responsibilities to the businesses that use it. It must identify and brand the establishment. And it has to establish and reflect the whole look and feel that grounds the restaurant and what it offers. Signage designed by us does this and one more important thing – it looks like a big budget product, but costs a tiny fraction.

We make restaurant signs…

A restaurant sign being machined on the bed a CNC router

What is it about restaurant signs? When we make signs for most businesses, they use what you might call ‘modern-traditional sign fabrication materials.’Signs for restaurants though, seem to require wood, non-traditional metals, and other fabric reflecting truly unique identities. That’s not a problem. We work with it all and can deliver highly individual signs made from anything you choose. And delivered at a price you’ll be happy to pay.

We install restaurant signs…

Wagamamas Restaurant Sign in situ at a shopping centre

Installing restaurant signage is a job that is best left to be experienced craftsman who work for us. Our team work nationally and all hours of the day and night to suit the circumstances of the restaurant business we are working with. We leave the site with a fully operational sign and a lasting impression of the quality we deliver. All you have to do, stand back and admire the potency of your new signage and the way it will promote your restaurant.

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Etched Window graphics applied to the inside of a window

Materials real matter where restaurant signage is concerned. We work with a wide range to deliver exactly what’s needed.


Pavement Sign shown on a bed of decorative gravel

Don’t miss the opportunity to powerfully reinforce your identity with window graphics when you’re considering signage for restaurants.


Energy Efficient LED being installed in an illuminated sign

Look good inside and out. Our restaurant signage finds a powerful and attractive ally in our applied restaurant murals.

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Signage for restaurants is one of the most creative sectors of the signmaking industry. Signs for cafes, bars, or any establishment offering its clientele food and beverages have an obligation to do more than just announce a name. Restaurant signs are a powerful element promoting identity and cuisine.

Signs for street food establishments often have a rustic signage bearing. Signs for franchised restaurants are made on the the other hand to very demanding specifications.

Voodoo makes restaurant signs for businesses of all sizes. We supply restaurant graphics too such as wall coverings and signs and graphics for restaurant windows. Call us. See what we have on the menu for your restaurant or cafe.


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