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Window Graphics represent an affordable and very attractive means of transforming windows and other glazed or transparent surfaces into branding statements, advertisements and decorative designs or signs. Window graphics can be either permanent or temporary.

A window graphic is typically made from a film which may be either printed or coloured within its own mass. This film is cut to the required shape and then adhered to the subject panel or pane. Such markings can be applied either outside or inside the subject window and will remain right-reading. This is due to the construction of the film and the way it is cut.

Windows benefit from applied graphics. Markings very closely resembling etch effects are possible using a specialist film. The markings can be removed unlike chemical or mechanical etching.

Windows can also be turned into projection screens and so used to display video and other content. Such films require specialist installation.

Contra Vision Exterior View delivers great image impact

Privacy for Windows. Contra Vision Installation

There’s a very popular leisure centre not far from The Voodoo DesignWorks. It’s on the Bradley Stoke housing development. The leisure centre is a family -oriented place with all sorts of really popular attractions including a swimming pool. It’s a great place but privacy for windows for its architectural-scale glazing had become a bit of a problem.

The pool features a very large glazed end elevation with views outward for swimmers and staff to a bordering tangle of dense woodland and to one of the estate’s main roads. From the outside, anyone could see straight into the swimming pool area whether they’re driving or strolling past, or walking in the woods. The swimmers didn’t like that.

We were called in to advise and to propose a workable solution.

Contra Vision being applied to the glazing exterior

We surveyed the site and because of the tricky lighting conditions prevailing, we called in some technical assistance from our friends at Contra Vision who specialise in materials for privacy for windows among other things. Between us, we determined that Contra Vision Performance 80/20 printable perforated film would do the job that was needed. Voodoo could print the film with an attractive design that couldn’t be seen through from outside, and yet once applied it would retain a view out for the swimmers inside.

So that’s what we did.

We designed a suitably swimmy mural and made the design fit the awkwardly shaped end elevation of the building. We next printed the Contra Vision Performance material. Big thumbs up. The eighty percent of the material dedicated to the image we were printing delivered a big impact. Scaffolding up. Contra Vision Performance applied.

Contra Vision Exterior View delivers great image impact

Total transformation. Anyone passing the pool now sees our big and very colourful mural on the building’s end elevation. Those inside, still have a great view out. Privacy glass functionality at a fraction of the price of reglazing acres of windows.

If you have a privacy or security issue with windows and glazing in publics spaces and places, give Voodoo a call. We can come up with practical solutions without throwing your budget in at the deep end.

Contra Vision delivers a clear view out and privacy  for those inside.
Privacy for Window using Contra Vision Perforated Film
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Cafe Sign in close up. Warm wood. Warm Welcome

Cafe Sign Promises a Warm Welcome

Five Grains’ Cafe Sign

The five grains comprise a grouping of cereals that were regarded as sacred in ancient China. Not a lot of people know that. The Five Grains is also a great cafe in Bristol and thanks to a great cafe sign by Voodoo, that’s something a lot of people do know.

Voodoo and signs for cafes are no strangers to each other. Restaurant signs in general have much to communicate beyond the name of the business that’s under the shopfront. In the case of Five Grains, its cafe sign has to say “wholesome” in a pretty big way and it has to play well with shopfront window graphics too. We think we got it right.

Cafe Sign and Shop Front

We started with as honest-a-looking slab of pine as you’ll ever see and turned it into the fascia sign’s background. It looks like it has seen a few summers but it’s well protected from the elements. Next comes the cafe signs’ lettering. That’s a fret-cut material with some very subtle things going on, if you look closely, those little design wrinkles are informed by elements of the superb printed window graphics underneath.

The cafe window graphics are printed on a great material that makes the window look as though it has had thousands of pounds lavished upon it in traditionally etched work. It hasn’t. Its a rather special film that we know how to work with and which can be removed if needed. There’s some eye-catching busy scribbles going on in the window graphics’ design and it counterpoints the simplicity of the shop front signs – goes against the grain you might say.

Cafe Sign window graphics. It's all in the detail
Cafe Sign lettering in detail. Perfect type face for the application

View a cafe signing fascade like this an an ensemble and we present something that clearly works. Behind the fascia, there’s a great business serving wholesome foods and lovely infusions to customers attracted by the ambience the business radiates. We’re proud to have played a part in delivering this experience and it’s a bit beyond the signs for cafes you might be used to seeing.

Give us a call if you think we could do the same for your cafe or restaurant.

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Window Signs Calvin

Window Signs By Voodoo Design

Window Signs make passers buy and Voodoo knows how to make them…

Window Signs do a brilliant job of promoting what ever is behind the shop windows to which they are applied. Well designed window signs extend the reach of Point of Sale promotions to the pavement, and they create enduring and memorable impressions on the passers by that see them.

Window signage should be considered as a primary means for promoting your business whether your retail outlet or restaurant is surrounded others in a mall or stands alone on a busy high street. Window stickers, and the messages they promote, are not typically not designed to last long so think winter sale signs and the like. Window frosting though can be thought of in terms of an identity continuation and makes a long lasting and positive brand impression.

Shop windows and other glazed panels may be located in places where the use of promotional window signs is controlled so as to maintain overall branding standards – at shopping centres for example. Here at the Voodoo DesignWorks in Bristol, we understand such requirements at we know how to deliver window signs and window posters that work for everyone and especially for your potential customers.

Graphics on shop windows need to be sensitively designed so as to work with prevailing lighting condition. Your business may require that a view into your shop is maintained too so the window signs would be applied to areas that draw the eye rather than those that obscure the shop window or door.

Voodoo will produce a programme of promotional window signs that work with glazed surfaces including doors and that work around structures such as mullions and shop-front fittings. Our graphics are inert to most glass types and work with toughened and laminated glass.

For a little money, shop windows can display graphics which punch way above their weight. The scope of the impact achieved assures you a return that fully justifies the cost of the window signage. Application is not at all disruptive, we can apply shop window signs inside and out.

A useful next step is taking a look at your windows and asking yourself how much more engaging they’d look with decals, stickers or more permanent window signs that don’t just ask for attention, but demand it.

If you want to stand out, call Voodoo. When it comes to shop windows, we have just the graphics package your business needs.

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