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Retail Environments are created by shop fitting companies and are powerfully reinforced with the used of branded Décor, Signs and promotional graphics reflecting the brand and business of the environments’ owners or operators. Retail Environments are the product of specialist designers and very often are prescriptive in being managed through a well policed corporate identity manual.

Retail Environments from the point of view of a graphics producer are challenging to maintain. Seasonal promotions are often required and these must be kept “on grid” and on brief. Short term promotional matter is planned well in advance and the decoration of the environment may require, for example, that a year end promotion is planned in summer.

Physical structure is often part of the retail environment. PoS units, fabricated signing and shop fittings are frequently specified and delivered as part of the overall design package. Premises differ so chains need bespoke work on a per-branch basis.

Hoarding Graphics Detail View

Site hoarding graphics – A business in waiting

Temporary hoarding graphics need a permanent solution. We delivered just that to The Lowry Outlet at Salford Quays in Manchester…

Shopping under cover is a great experience but the brands that occupy malls and the malls themselves don’t like empty properties punctuating the rows of thriving businesses, or the site works that are usually making such properties ready for incoming tenants.

Voodoo has a solution for that.

Hoarding Graphics used as backdrop

Our shopping centre site hoardings make empty shops look like businesses in waiting. Rather than confronting shoppers with a dusty window fronting an empty shop or building works, our digitally printed  site hoardings present a fresh face that reflects the mall’s branding or advertises the incoming business for all to see.

It works.

A continuous run of unpunctuated colour helps support the vibrant activity that today’s retail experience demands. More than that. Our site hoarding graphics cut through static imagery like a knife so that passers by are in no doubt that there will soon be a new business open and ready to trade.

Applying and subsequently removing big expanses of printed graphics in a busy shopping centre needs to be done with as little fuss as possible and acres of adhesive material aren’t the most cooperative of things to deal with. We’ve got an answer for that too.

Hoarding Graphics Access Point

We consulted our materials manufacturer Metamark and we were prescribed a new material they’ve just developed called MetaDot. It’s very easy for us to apply. And its a simple matter for our client to remove when the time comes thanks to a particularly clever adhesive Metamark uses. We’ll be using that material again – perhaps you have an application that needs it?

Anywhere theres a big expanse or unadorned surface there’s an opportunity to turn it into a space that works for its living and for yours. Get in touch with Voodoo. We can bring colour, content and life to the most unexpected places. Talk to us about place branding. Talk to us about OoH (thats Out of Home) advertising. We’re all ears and full of ideas.

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Window Signs Calvin

Window Signs By Voodoo Design

Window Signs make passers buy and Voodoo knows how to make them…

Window Signs do a brilliant job of promoting what ever is behind the shop windows to which they are applied. Well designed window signs extend the reach of Point of Sale promotions to the pavement, and they create enduring and memorable impressions on the passers by that see them.

Window signage should be considered as a primary means for promoting your business whether your retail outlet or restaurant is surrounded others in a mall or stands alone on a busy high street. Window stickers, and the messages they promote, are not typically not designed to last long so think winter sale signs and the like. Window frosting though can be thought of in terms of an identity continuation and makes a long lasting and positive brand impression.

Shop windows and other glazed panels may be located in places where the use of promotional window signs is controlled so as to maintain overall branding standards – at shopping centres for example. Here at the Voodoo DesignWorks in Bristol, we understand such requirements at we know how to deliver window signs and window posters that work for everyone and especially for your potential customers.

Graphics on shop windows need to be sensitively designed so as to work with prevailing lighting condition. Your business may require that a view into your shop is maintained too so the window signs would be applied to areas that draw the eye rather than those that obscure the shop window or door.

Voodoo will produce a programme of promotional window signs that work with glazed surfaces including doors and that work around structures such as mullions and shop-front fittings. Our graphics are inert to most glass types and work with toughened and laminated glass.

For a little money, shop windows can display graphics which punch way above their weight. The scope of the impact achieved assures you a return that fully justifies the cost of the window signage. Application is not at all disruptive, we can apply shop window signs inside and out.

A useful next step is taking a look at your windows and asking yourself how much more engaging they’d look with decals, stickers or more permanent window signs that don’t just ask for attention, but demand it.

If you want to stand out, call Voodoo. When it comes to shop windows, we have just the graphics package your business needs.

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Shop Window Graphics – It’s about Design

When is a shop window, not a shop window? When it’s obscured with shop window graphics to the extent the shopper can barely see in, or appreciate what may be on display.

That said, shop window graphics can play several important roles. They can serve as an identity continuation for shopping centre signs. They extend the reach of retail promotion and point of sale in shopping centres into the pedestrian zone. And they can assume a role in short-term seasonal sales generation too.

There’s a world of difference between window stickers and properly designed shop window graphics. That difference is Voodoo. We’ve been producing window graphics and signs for shopping centres for years – we know what works in the cause of retail sales promotion and retail brand development. And we know what doesn’t.

Window clings are easy for the retailer to apply but paradoxically, difficult to apply properly. Such low cost window graphics have a marked effect on the tone of a business overall. They instantly take the shine off it. You can do better with Voodoo and a more considered approach to retail promotion.

Shop window graphics considered as such and designed with an outcome in mind do much more. They can entice shoppers into the premises and promote buying decisions. They work so much harder than off the shelf window decals and, often, don’t cost much more either.

An agreement between tenants and shopping centres effectively has the shopping centre sign what amounts to a promise to promote the centre’s brand and environment. The retailer in the shopping centre signs an agreement to be bound by the standards that the landlord defines. Some shopping centres actually legislate against poor quality shop window graphics.

With Voodoo on your side, you’re not going to have a problem with your window graphics. We have a wealth of experience in the field and we’ve actually developed window graphics standards in consultation with major shopping centre developers and architects. We can deliver a package that works with your shop windows and not against them.

Window displays have evolved. Shop window graphics are a major part of that evolution. Great designs is the foundation for exceptional shop window graphics.

For a Bristol based signmaker, Voodoo Design is in big demand nationally. You’ll find our work performing brilliantly in shopping centres from one end of the UK to the other. We make signs in Bristol too.

For us, shop window graphics have become a speciality. For our clients, we’ve become a must. We understand the full spectrum of application possibilities. We have access to every material and production technology we need to do the job required.

Brand wallpaper for temporary hoardings

If you’re going to put anything on your shop windows, remember that you’re creating what’s often a first impression. Call Voodoo for shop window graphics and you’re in safe hands. You’ll get the window graphics you want, and our experience is delivered as standard.

Voodoo is a Bristol based sign, design and graphics company that works nationwide. We have a very impressive client portfolio and we take a special satisfaction from helping our customers make a little money go a very long way. It costs nothing at all to talk to us about your ideas and you wouldn’t be the first we’d surprised with just how affordable a big transformation can be. Or just how big an impact a little of our work can make.

Next steps are easy. Get in contact and see what makes us tick.

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