Shopfront Sign made from formed glass

Voodoo finds its way around the impossible and a shopfront sign is born…

“We want a new shopfront sign, but there’s a problem.”

“Well, that’s a good start.”

“We want the letters on the shopfront sign to be made of copper tubing and we’ve been told it’s not possible.”

“OK. We’ll be the judge of that. Let’s take a look then…”

If you need to make a shopfront sign with lettering that looks like it’s made from copper tubing, every bone in your body tells you to go to the local DIY shop, buy the copper tubing and then start bending it to assume the letter-shapes the shop facia sign needs.

Shopfront Sign full width

That’s when your problems begin. Bend copper tubing and it collapses. Use a bending tool and try to get round a radius tight enough to form a letter and that’s the last you’ll see of the tool. It’ll be stuck in the tube and the tube will still look like a flattened sausage. We tried filling the tubes with sand. We tried water. Nothing worked.

The easiest solution would have been to agree with others who’d tried and who’d told our hopeful customer that what they wanted wasn’t possible. That’s not the Voodoo way though. We get things done.

This wasn’t the first tube we’d ever bent – just the first copper one; we’d been making neon signs from glass for years. Then the lights came on. Or rather they didn’t. We’d make the sign from glass as though it were a neon one and just leave out all the stuff that would make it glow.

Shopfront Sign fascia detail

So we did. It looked GREAT. The only snag was, it looked like a length of skilfully bent glass. Which it was. A few hours in the Voodoo lab mixing up a little eye-of-newt and hair of dog gave us a remarkably good copper-like finish we could apply to the glass tubing. Voila! Copper lettering on a rather beautiful fascia sign.

There you go Wonderlab. Your hairdressing salon has just the sign you ordered. Bent copper tubing on a gorgeous green background that we provided too. Impossible? We don’t think so. Let’s just keep the construction details of this remarkable shop sign between us. It’s our little secret.

If you’d like a magic applied to your errant signing project, get in touch with Voodoo.