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Fascia signs are signs that are typically mounted upon a building’s fascia and usually spanning the building’s entire frontage. Such signs are popular to the point of nearing ubiquity in retail situations. Fascia signs may be illuminated or non-illuminated. Such signs may be made from plastics such as Perspex. Such signs may be made from natural materials such as wood. Such signs made be made entirely from meta. Such signs may be made from contractions comprising woods, metals and plastics. Where such signs are illuminated, the source of illumination may comprise LEDs. Such lighting may also comprise other means of illumination either inside the sign or outside the sign.

Fascia signs are usually permanent in terms of installation. Where such signs are illuminated, the source of illumination may comprise LEDs. Such lighting may also comprise other means of illumination either inside the sign or outside the sign. Signs may be made from ACM with routed inlays.

Signs In Bristol - Voodoo Afloat

Signs In Bristol – Voodoo Afloat

Signs in Bristol – Just. Voodoo heads offshore…

It’s said that the two best days in your life are the day that you buy a boat, and the day that you manage to sell it again. So that said, most of the visitors to Ting Dene Boat Sales in Portishead Marina must be having a pretty good time. There’s a pretty neat routed sign by Voodoo there and that’ll help too.

Portishead Marina is a great example of urban renewal. Once a run-down and very scruffy looking deserted industrial dock, it’s now ringed with smart restaurants and apartments and its waters are home to visiting and resident boats. Signs in Bristol are looking positive. Wherever boats congregate in any quantity you’ll find a boat sales broker. Thanks to some smart routed signs by Voodoo, you’ll find Ting Dene in its marina home afloat easily.

Signs in Bristol - Ting Dene Boat Sales
Sign In Bristol - Portishead Marina

Ting Dene occupies premises afloat on the marina next to the crab catching pontoon. We produced some really snappy looking routed letters and logo elements and affixed them to the shed-like flanks of Ting Dene’s offices. It looks the part and doesn’t offend the character of the place one bit. Mindful of the sunny location and the amount of exposure to salt, we used very resistant materials for the Ting Dene routed sign.

Routed lettering adds a very classy touch to the simplest of signs and isn’t quite as pricey as it manages to look. We can apply such signs to more or less any surface and, as the Ting Dene sign demonstrates, we can do it more or less anywhere, Signs in Bristol being within very easy reach.

So if you’re looking for a big boat anytime soon, find your way to the lock end of Portishead Marina and push your way through the hoards of crab-catching kids. Beyond the throng you’ll find a beautifully signed office and someone there will happily take £250,000 off you.

Alternatively, if you need signs in Bristol or nationally to put your business on the map, make sure you contact Voodoo. We’ll ask for a lot less.

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Cafe Sign in close up. Warm wood. Warm Welcome

Cafe Sign Promises a Warm Welcome

Five Grains’ Cafe Sign

The five grains comprise a grouping of cereals that were regarded as sacred in ancient China. Not a lot of people know that. The Five Grains is also a great cafe in Bristol and thanks to a great cafe sign by Voodoo, that’s something a lot of people do know.

Voodoo and signs for cafes are no strangers to each other. Restaurant signs in general have much to communicate beyond the name of the business that’s under the shopfront. In the case of Five Grains, its cafe sign has to say “wholesome” in a pretty big way and it has to play well with shopfront window graphics too. We think we got it right.

Cafe Sign and Shop Front

We started with as honest-a-looking slab of pine as you’ll ever see and turned it into the fascia sign’s background. It looks like it has seen a few summers but it’s well protected from the elements. Next comes the cafe signs’ lettering. That’s a fret-cut material with some very subtle things going on, if you look closely, those little design wrinkles are informed by elements of the superb printed window graphics underneath.

The cafe window graphics are printed on a great material that makes the window look as though it has had thousands of pounds lavished upon it in traditionally etched work. It hasn’t. Its a rather special film that we know how to work with and which can be removed if needed. There’s some eye-catching busy scribbles going on in the window graphics’ design and it counterpoints the simplicity of the shop front signs – goes against the grain you might say.

Cafe Sign window graphics. It's all in the detail
Cafe Sign lettering in detail. Perfect type face for the application

View a cafe signing fascade like this an an ensemble and we present something that clearly works. Behind the fascia, there’s a great business serving wholesome foods and lovely infusions to customers attracted by the ambience the business radiates. We’re proud to have played a part in delivering this experience and it’s a bit beyond the signs for cafes you might be used to seeing.

Give us a call if you think we could do the same for your cafe or restaurant.

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Shopfront Sign made from formed glass

Shopfront Sign Bent to Order

Voodoo finds its way around the impossible and a shopfront sign is born…

“We want a new shopfront sign, but there’s a problem.”

“Well, that’s a good start.”

“We want the letters on the shopfront sign to be made of copper tubing and we’ve been told it’s not possible.”

“OK. We’ll be the judge of that. Let’s take a look then…”

If you need to make a shopfront sign with lettering that looks like it’s made from copper tubing, every bone in your body tells you to go to the local DIY shop, buy the copper tubing and then start bending it to assume the letter-shapes the shop facia sign needs.

Shopfront Sign full width

That’s when your problems begin. Bend copper tubing and it collapses. Use a bending tool and try to get round a radius tight enough to form a letter and that’s the last you’ll see of the tool. It’ll be stuck in the tube and the tube will still look like a flattened sausage. We tried filling the tubes with sand. We tried water. Nothing worked.

The easiest solution would have been to agree with others who’d tried and who’d told our hopeful customer that what they wanted wasn’t possible. That’s not the Voodoo way though. We get things done.

This wasn’t the first tube we’d ever bent – just the first copper one; we’d been making neon signs from glass for years. Then the lights came on. Or rather they didn’t. We’d make the sign from glass as though it were a neon one and just leave out all the stuff that would make it glow.

Shopfront Sign fascia detail

So we did. It looked GREAT. The only snag was, it looked like a length of skilfully bent glass. Which it was. A few hours in the Voodoo lab mixing up a little eye-of-newt and hair of dog gave us a remarkably good copper-like finish we could apply to the glass tubing. Voila! Copper lettering on a rather beautiful fascia sign.

There you go Wonderlab. Your hairdressing salon has just the sign you ordered. Bent copper tubing on a gorgeous green background that we provided too. Impossible? We don’t think so. Let’s just keep the construction details of this remarkable shop sign between us. It’s our little secret.

If you’d like a magic applied to your errant signing project, get in touch with Voodoo.

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Shopfront Signs are typical made from acrylic

Shopfront Signs with a Touch of Glass

Regular client, Consol, came to the Voodoo DesignWorks needing shopfront signs that were anything but business as usual…

Voodoo has designed, manufactured and installed shopfront signs for Consol for years. Billing itself as the modern way to get a tan, Consol began as a great idea in Denmark. Here in the UK, its formula of state-of-the-art tanning equipment, comfortable and accessible premises and a no-appointment walk-in business model has proved very popular. The fascia signing above the shop-front makes Consol instantly recognisable.

Every time Consol opens a new location Voodoo steps up and provides the fascia signs that identifies it. That means working to a very tightly prescribed corporate ID, and making the fascia sign fit its new venue precisely. That’s a lot of shopfront signs. That’s a lot of locations. Thats a lot of job-to-job signmaking variations too.

Shopfront Signs usually have a tray to which letters are mounted
Shopfront Signs - Fabrication Methods

The latest shopfront signs for Consol took the Voodoo survey team to Farnborough in Hampshire. One look at the site told the team that it wasn’t going to be business as usual for Voodoo and Consol. The location’s construction dictated that major elements of the fascia sign be manufactured not from the plastics and metals that are the usual basis for Consol’s shop signs, but from glass.

Voodoo has made signs for shops from all manner of material but glass is only an occasional visitor to the Voodoo DesignWorks. Job on. Working with the data gathered by the Voodoo survey teams and within the parameters dictated by the location and Consol’s corporate ID, the signmaking team got to it.

The result is a laminated glass foundation for the fascia shopfront sign. Within its construction, a layer of digitally printed colour imparts the familiar background field and this contrasts with fabricated LED-lit acrylic lettering fixed to drilled locations in the glass plate. It’s a shop sign that looks great in daylight conditions, and it really pops at night too.

Shopfront Signs Installed and Lit

“One of our best,” we all agree at Voodoo. Shopfront signs have evolved. A painted board or a handful of profile lettering no longer cuts through the clutter that typifies most high streets. When fascia signs are on a brand’s shopping list and the job comes the way of the Voodoo DesignWorks, creativity finds a way.

Nice one Consol. That’s a shopfront fascia that really does the business justice.

Get in touch with Voodoo and we’ll help your business too.

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shopping centre signs

Shop Front Signs

Shop front signs have a lot to say about your business. Make sure they’re sending the right message.

Shop front signs, like the shops, restaurants and businesses they identify, are available in practically infinite variety. To do a good job on behalf of its host though, there’s relatively few ways that shop front signs should be produced. At the Voodoo DesignWorks in Bristol, shop front signs have become a deep specialisation. Our clientele for shop front signage includes some of the biggest names on the high street.

Every shop front sign that Voodoo designs and manufactures is made from the best materials that are available. Shop fronts in modern retail developments have long abandoned formats which once dedicated space to a fascia sign. Contemporary shop front sign design may need to find an elegant way of accomplishing fascia signs’ promotional roles, from within an expanse of glazing extending from ground level to the premises’ first floor.

A shop front sign usually has a great deal of competition for attention. Cutting through the scribble of clutter and colour and retaining the subject brand’s personality is a challenge.

We think there’s three ways of manufacturing shop front signs. There’s the wrong way, there’s the right way, and there’s the Voodoo way. Shop front signage by Voodoo is informed by best practice in terms of its technical credentials, but we recognise that signs for shop fronts have to be more than just well fabricated structures. That’s why our retail shop fascia signs are possessed of a quality that distinguishes them from others.

Shop Front Signs

Voodoo designs signs for shops in various illuminated signage formats. We work with neon sign lighting and we’re accomplished exponents of modern lighting technologies for signs such as LEDs. Traditional shop front signs have used sources of front-lit sign lighting and we’ve got a great deal of experience producing those too. We work in materials like plastics, wood and metal and we bring them into creative alliances that make shop front sign that shine.

Ultimately, a sign for shops and other businesses have a duty to promote the business that hosts them. It’s a round-the-clock job that puts demands on the sign that only a quality product will survive. Shop front signs with indifferent light and design say a great deal about the business that hosts them and business surely suffers.

Voodoo has a wealth of experience it shop front and retail signing to offer anyone looking to rebrand, refresh or to stamp a brand new identity on a new business. We invite you to call and discuss your needs. Voodoo will put your business on the map.

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Shop Window Graphics – It’s about Design

When is a shop window, not a shop window? When it’s obscured with shop window graphics to the extent the shopper can barely see in, or appreciate what may be on display.

That said, shop window graphics can play several important roles. They can serve as an identity continuation for shopping centre signs. They extend the reach of retail promotion and point of sale in shopping centres into the pedestrian zone. And they can assume a role in short-term seasonal sales generation too.

There’s a world of difference between window stickers and properly designed shop window graphics. That difference is Voodoo. We’ve been producing window graphics and signs for shopping centres for years – we know what works in the cause of retail sales promotion and retail brand development. And we know what doesn’t.

Window clings are easy for the retailer to apply but paradoxically, difficult to apply properly. Such low cost window graphics have a marked effect on the tone of a business overall. They instantly take the shine off it. You can do better with Voodoo and a more considered approach to retail promotion.

Shop window graphics considered as such and designed with an outcome in mind do much more. They can entice shoppers into the premises and promote buying decisions. They work so much harder than off the shelf window decals and, often, don’t cost much more either.

An agreement between tenants and shopping centres effectively has the shopping centre sign what amounts to a promise to promote the centre’s brand and environment. The retailer in the shopping centre signs an agreement to be bound by the standards that the landlord defines. Some shopping centres actually legislate against poor quality shop window graphics.

With Voodoo on your side, you’re not going to have a problem with your window graphics. We have a wealth of experience in the field and we’ve actually developed window graphics standards in consultation with major shopping centre developers and architects. We can deliver a package that works with your shop windows and not against them.

Window displays have evolved. Shop window graphics are a major part of that evolution. Great designs is the foundation for exceptional shop window graphics.

For a Bristol based signmaker, Voodoo Design is in big demand nationally. You’ll find our work performing brilliantly in shopping centres from one end of the UK to the other. We make signs in Bristol too.

For us, shop window graphics have become a speciality. For our clients, we’ve become a must. We understand the full spectrum of application possibilities. We have access to every material and production technology we need to do the job required.

Brand wallpaper for temporary hoardings

If you’re going to put anything on your shop windows, remember that you’re creating what’s often a first impression. Call Voodoo for shop window graphics and you’re in safe hands. You’ll get the window graphics you want, and our experience is delivered as standard.

Voodoo is a Bristol based sign, design and graphics company that works nationwide. We have a very impressive client portfolio and we take a special satisfaction from helping our customers make a little money go a very long way. It costs nothing at all to talk to us about your ideas and you wouldn’t be the first we’d surprised with just how affordable a big transformation can be. Or just how big an impact a little of our work can make.

Next steps are easy. Get in contact and see what makes us tick.

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