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It’s said that the two best days in your life are the day that you buy a boat, and the day that you manage to sell it again. So that said, most of the visitors to Ting Dene Boat Sales in Portishead Marina must be having a pretty good time. There’s a pretty neat routed sign by Voodoo there and that’ll help too.

Portishead Marina is a great example of urban renewal. Once a run-down and very scruffy looking deserted industrial dock, it’s now ringed with smart restaurants and apartments and its waters are home to visiting and resident boats. Signs in Bristol are looking positive. Wherever boats congregate in any quantity you’ll find a boat sales broker. Thanks to some smart routed signs by Voodoo, you’ll find Ting Dene in its marina home afloat easily.

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Signs in Bristol - Ting Dene Boat Sales
Sign In Bristol - Portishead Marina


Ting Dene occupies premises afloat on the marina next to the crab catching pontoon. We produced some really snappy looking routed letters and logo elements and affixed them to the shed-like flanks of Ting Dene’s offices. It looks the part and doesn’t offend the character of the place one bit. Mindful of the sunny location and the amount of exposure to salt, we used very resistant materials for the Ting Dene routed sign.

Routed lettering adds a very classy touch to the simplest of signs and isn’t quite as pricey as it manages to look. We can apply such signs to more or less any surface and, as the Ting Dene sign demonstrates, we can do it more or less anywhere, Signs in Bristol being within very easy reach.

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So if you’re looking for a big boat anytime soon, find your way to the lock end of Portishead Marina and push your way through the hoards of crab-catching kids. Beyond the throng you’ll find a beautifully signed office and someone there will happily take £250,000 off you.

Alternatively, if you need signs in Bristol or nationally to put your business on the map, make sure you contact Voodoo. We’ll ask for a lot less.

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