Van Graphics get you noticed

If you’ve got a business and you want a lot of eyes to fall on its brand and remember it, one of the most cost-effective ways of making it happen is to use well designed and expertly produced vehicle livery and van graphics. The Voodoo DesignWorks can help. Our vehicle graphics turn heads, cost little, and so deliver knock out value.

Here’s one you may have seen. If you have, you’re sure to remember.

Must Dust is a cleaning company that’ll come into your business or home and leave it spotless. Perhaps the only thing that’ll be left behind is the memorable impression created by its winning Voodoo produced van graphics.

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Van Graphics must be easy to read
Van Graphics can be used on any part of a vehicle


Must Dust’s vehicle graphics are a study in expert design brilliant execution. There’s a cobweb-like theme applied that covers virtually the whole vehicle and which is repeated centrally. It complete with a stylised spider looking a little unsure of what might be coming next.

Tastefully integrated icons make it clear that there’s a range of cleaning services on offer from Must Dust, without resorting to reams of barely legible text. The vehicle graphics do the job they’re designed to do, so that Must Dust can promote the job it does as well.

Van graphics even work on the roof of a van

Voodoo makes vehicle livery and van graphics from quality materials so the message endures. The quality of the impression doesn’t diminish either and remember, that’s an impression that’s building thousands of times an hour as the van goes about its business.

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So, why not put vehicle graphics to work for your business too? Where there’s a van there’s a way. Voodoo tackles it all from design to visualisation; production and installation. One vehicle or a whole fleet. Small companies with big ideas or the biggest names in business.

Put wheels under your business. Van graphics from Voodoo. It’s how you’ll be remembered.

Can graphics can span several vehicle panels

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