Huge expanses of magnolia emulsion have met their match. A printed frieze from Voodoo is inexpensive and transforms even the most uninspiring of spaces…

Just like a little seasoning can enliven a bland dish, a printed frieze from Voodoo can help you transform dull spaces in next-to-no-time and at low cost.

Blue wall frieze on office wall

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We can create any design you can imagine or you can leave it to us if imagining is not your thing. We supply your frieze ready to install without any paste, water or inconveniences, and it that’s not your thing either you can leave installation to us too.

Self Adhesive Frieze Graphics applied to a hospital corridor
Self Adhesive Frieze Graphics applied to an office wall

A frieze can be purely decorative. It can be functional, serving the need of a wayfinding sign. It can be, more or less anything you want it to be. You don’t have to put up with dull spaces or commit to a huge decorating project. A frieze or border from Voodoo is the inexpensive way to transform a lot, while spending a little.

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