A Consol tanning salon isn’t far away no matter where you are – there’s lots of them. That means signage in great variety. Challenge met, by Voodoo…

Consol operates a nation-wide network of tanning salons and has a very distinctive identity promoting them. Providing the network with signing is a job that falls to Voodoo.

We work with the Consol ID and develop state-of-the-art energy efficient facia signage for the company’s premises. No two jobs are the same and we never quite know what we’re going to encounter when Consol’s continuing expansion meets the need for a new sign.

We may have an existing fascia to replace. We may be required to ‘slot in’ to surrounding architecture and work with specified materials such as glass or aluminium composite. We may have to consider structural elements adjacent to other premises. Put simply, we have to be ready for almost anything.

Shopfront signage for Consol in Swindon
Door graphics showing opening hours for a tanning salon

Here at Voodoo, we are ready for whatever comes our way. That’s how we keep performing, not just for Consol but for other clients with their own needs and demands. Consol’s salons look great and look ‘Consol’ wherever they operate. That’s thanks to our creative and sign engineering expertise finding a way.

Voodoo could find a way for your branding and signage programme too. A conversation with us costs nothing and you’ll see we’re not short of ideas. We’re not found wanting when it comes to execution either.

Give us a call – find out what Voodoo could do for you and your brand.