You don’t have to put up with the view out of that window or inflict it on your customers and visitors. Window murals from Voodoo are the answer. The question is, where do you need yours?

If you have a window, or several for that matter, that are either overlooked, or themselves overlook a view you’d rather wasn’t there, we have the answer. We can custom design a printed and applied window mural that changes the view totally, and that still lets your window function as a mean of admitting light while giving you privacy too.

View from window before graphics applied
View from window after graphics applied

Here’s how it works. We print a design that we’d agree with you. Anything’s possible. If you want a view over the Pyrenees from a city centre you can have it. If you want the view out to be of a forest interior, just ask. If you’d like to gaze upon an otherworldly vista of a completely different planet, you’ve got it.

We use a special material that adheres to your window and lets a good amount of prevailing light in while obscuring the view out with your design. The impact is nothing less than stunning. The cost is most definitely affordable. The problem is solved with something very attractive and one hundred percent functional.

So if you have a view that you’d rather wasn’t there, your next move isn’t to new premises – it’s to call Voodoo. We can sort it in no time at all.