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Wallpaper is a catchall term that describes practically any applied wall covering including self adhesive materials used for murals, infographics, menus in restaurants and the like. Wallpaper can be made on a bespoke basis using digital print technology so it’s no longer a requirement that the colour or design needed is on the shelf in a shop.

When a wall covering is needed, it’s enough to have an image or a pattern to use as a design reference or even something as intangible as an idea. Once the idea or reference is fed into the designer, a proof is very easy to produce. From there, a full scale production is only a matter of correctly briefing a printer.

Wall murals are particularly suited to this method of production. Any design is possible and volume is not a constraining factor. Costs are surprisingly reasonable and waste minimal. The turnaround times are fast too.


Murals for Schools design theme

Back to School with Voodoo

Wall coverings and Murals for schools? What’s next, for Voodoo?

Bradley Stoke is a modern housing development near the M4/M5 interchange in the South West of England. It’s near the Voodoo DesignWorks too. One of Europe’s largest housing developments, Bradley Stoke provides its growing community with everything it needs. There’s pubs, doctors, shops and of course schools. Bailey’s Court School in particular.

Schools are all about teaching the next generation everything it need to succeed its parents. From the ABCs to the Birds and Bees and everything in between. Today’s schools though are powerfully branded so as to create a sense of place and to bring performance onto the table. Bailey’s Court School knocked on Voodoo’s door and asked for a little help in creating a bit of ambience.

We obliged.

Murals for Schools - Design Elements

The school told us what was needed and we set to creating a range of ambient Décor and graphics. The designs mirror the school’s ID and feature continuations of the philosophies and sentiments that define its operating ethics. Despite that very elevated goal, we made it look nice, fit in and really cheer the place up. Murals for schools can do that.

Murals for schools and printed wall coverings and Décor is a Voodoo DesignWorks speciality. We design supply and install if needed for domestic customers, for businesses like hotels, retail and restaurants, and for public spaces like schools.

The great thing that Voodoo is able to do is customise every design element. So if you need graphics reflecting curriculum content, contact us and it’s yours. If it’s a straight-logo or lettering, it’ll be spot-on. If it’s an autumn-like setting with leaves blowing around the corridor, we do those too. Just like we did for Bailey’s Court School.

Murals for schools floor graphics
Murals for schools - plastic elements

When it comes to wallpaper and Décor, we can print just about anything and make it stick to just about anything else. That’s an idea that you can take places. You don’t have to settle for what’s on the shelves. Come to Voodoo. We’ll give you what’s on your mind and we’ll do it at a very reasonable price.

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We can create your own brand wallpaper

Brand Wallpaper

There’s always been a desire to brand wallpaper. Today, there’s a need too.

The desire to brand wallpaper is not new. The means to do it affordably and well is. Today, there’s a need to brand wallpaper too. When it reflects your brand, wallpaper doesn’t just impress an identity continuation for your business on the spaces you work with, it makes them your own. Brand wallpaper and it’s good for business and for the working environment.

Wallpaper that reflects your brand is a very versatile medium and today, thanks to advances in materials and the technology used to print them, the medium is flexible beyond your imaginings. Brand wallpaper used to mean designs repeating at intervals corresponding with the turns of an old-fashioned printing press. Today that limitation is absent, as the need for very complex and costly design origination.

Here in the Voodoo DesignWorks in Bristol, we brand wallpaper: bespoke wall covering is the outcome. Free of traditional print and its limitations, we can produce wallpaper murals for retail shops and other businesses, transformational wall coverings for hospital or schools, restaurant wallpaper, functional décor and anything else the imagination suggests – or the need mandates.

You can have exactly the wall coverings you want
Brands Wallpaper for Promotional PoS

The Voodoo ReFresh service we offer transforms interior spaces with functional wall coverings that are as inviting to touch as they are to behold. Brand wallpaper is really only where the idea begins. The design is unique, you make it your own. Our artist work with your ideas to deliver the impression your branded wall coverings need to communicate. That means it can be subtle and ambience-enhancing, or you can go thermo-nuclear and throw every colour and contrast imaginable at the job. When you choose custom branded wall coverings the Voodoo way, anything is possible.

Here’s how we brand wallpaper. It starts with the spark of an idea, yours or ours. We can work with an existing piece of art, a product picture or logo too. We then throw that in The ‘Works and our artists develop design concepts for your approval. You’ll love what you see.

We then print a blank wall covering of your choice from the extensive range we offer using our specialist printer hardware. It delivers durable, colourful odour free results that are safe to use around food and clothes or anywhere else for that matter. We can install your brand wallpaper nationally, or you can do it yourself.

Brand wallpaper for temporary hoardings

Thanks to The Voodoo DesignWorks, you can use applied wall coverings anywhere you’d use wallpaper, and in thousands of places you wouldn’t.
Don’t just brand wallpaper – make it your own with Voodoo.

Next steps are easy. Get in contact and see what makes us tick.

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