Vehicle Graphics for Garretts Gardens

How does your garden grow? Pretty well we’d think if you’re a customer of Garretts Gardens. We were asked recently if we could transform one of the company’s vans into a head-turning mobile promotion with a winning Vehicle Livery. Something that would really stand out among all the other vans that are on the road. We think we succeeded and the client agrees.

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Our winning vehicle livery for Garretts Gardens throws two big punches. Let’s explain. It really engages with the observer and invokes that all important first impression – the impression that readily communicates what the company is and what it is that it does. There’s the first punch. The second happens when you’re close up. A surprising amount of detail reveals itself – subtle shading, little dew-drops on the bright green lettering and the way the design elements really work with the van. That just seems to say that what the company does, it does very well.

Vehicle livery for Garretts Gardens
Vinyl Graphics for Garretts Gardens Vehicle

For something as impactful, it’s great that we didn’t have to resort to a full wrap of the vehicle. That saved our customer a bob or two and doesn’t limit the effect we were all striving for in any way. How did we do it? In a word – DESIGN. Anyone can throw a bit of lettering at a van. It takes a more involved approach to come up with something better. That comes as standard when you get in touch with Voodoo.

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Van graphics are seen, so it’s said, by about six thousand pairs of eyes every hour the vehicle is mobile on the road. We’re not sure where a number like that comes from but we do know one thing. Each and every set of eyes that alights on Garretts Gardens’ new van is going to remember what they’ve seen and take away a very favourable impression.

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