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Because of its strictly coordinated corporate identity and the quality of its service and food, Nandos is an instantly recognisable destination of choice for countless thousands. The Voodoo DesignWorks turned on the lights for Nandos when it arrived at Gloucester Quays Leisure Quarter with exterior illuminated restaurant signs and themed interior digital print.

Bristol Signmaker Voodoo has a long standing relationship with Gloucester Quays and with the retail shops, restaurants and other businesses and facilities there. When the popular restaurant chain Nandos arrived in Gloucester Quays Leisure Quarter, Voodoo provided the elements of Nandos restaurant branding that make it such an iconic presence.

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The Voodoo team designed and built the illuminated sign structure in house. Because the team used special finishing effects, the results are in character.

We installed push through lettering  via routed apertures in the illuminated sign tray with each flame polished and capped. Colour matching needed for the client’s corporate identity was achieved using coloured self adhesive vinyl.

We made a fabricated sign tray that  is something to behold from the outside.  Those who are familiar with such structures find the internals equally attractive. LED’s provide the light needed to achieve the needed stand-out among other illuminated signs in Gloucester Quays because they do so brilliantly. Unlike traditional illumination sources, they run relatively cool and are increasingly energy efficient.

Application of vinyl graphics to a Nando's restaurant sign

The Voodoo team also applied its skills to the restaurant interior design. We printed digital murals in house using modern digital décor media. We used a state-of-the-art wide format printing system and applied the results to the restaurant’s interior wall consequently creating the prescribed ambient effect. It works.

So how does a sign maker in Bristol get to deliver restaurant signs in a retail development nearby? Voodoo has an established relationship with Gloucester Quays and has delivered projects as diverse as large format exterior banners and fascia signs there. Voodoo has also provided identity continuations such as window graphics and many other inventive restaurant signs solutions.

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Tony Baxter, Director of Voodoo DesignWorks comments. “There are some very inventive people out there who are looking for signs. We take the view that what they’re really asking is – how can I brand my business?

He’s right. Voodoo has entertained some very interesting restaurant sign ideas in particular.

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