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Experiential Graphics have become increasingly important as bricks and mortar businesses seek to distinguish themselves from businesses pursing customers wholly on-line. Shopping has become centred around the customers’ experiences and experiential graphics are key in supporting events and amplifying brands.

With modern digital production technologies, experiential graphics can be produced on a bespoke basis and in low volumes if needed. This confers great versatility on the medium. Some events cross the line and assume almost stage-like production qualities. The graphics supporting such events lend them the required ambience and individuality.

Printed Graphics have become increasingly important as bricks and mortar businesses seek to distinguish themselves from businesses pursing customers wholly on-line. Shopping has become centred around the customers’ experiences and experiential materials are key in supporting events and amplifying brands.

Events need careful management and production if they are to succeed. Customers now seek experiences and often seek to repeat them. Continuing to attract customers remains a key priority for retail businesses in particular.



Digital Print - Event Promotion

Digital Print from the Voodoo Designworks

We make digital print work. Harder.

Digital print is a wonderful thing. The Voodoo DesignWorks makes it a little more wonderful still and our customers love us for it. What makes  wide-format digital printing by Voodoo such an effective medium is the equally wide range of things it can be used for. And the relatively low cost of using it.

When you come to Voodoo for promotional digital print you’re coming direct to the print’s source. Wide-format print starts with great design. You’re getting that direct from Voodoo too. Our client NAF Equine knocked on our door when it had an event to promote recently. NAF turned to us to put their brand on the map at the Hartpury Horse Trials and we turned to wide format digital printing to get the job done for them.

Digital Print - Perfect Media for Event Promotion
Digital Print used for ambient graphics

There’s a bit of an art to achieving a long-term impact with short-term graphics, especially if you want it to be a positive impact. Our wide format printing specialists went above and beyond though and achieved real stand-out for the NAF brand.

We surrounded and festooned NAF’s hospitality marquee with graphics confirming the brand’s stature in the equestrian sector. Large format prints and banners brought an added emphasis to signs designed around a rosette motif. It has exactly the look and feel we’d intended and that NAF had asked us for.

Our wide format print reinforced the fact that the NAF brand is associated with Team GBR’s British Equestrian Teams too. Wherever the eye looked at Hartpury, it would fall on a piece of wide-format print from Voodoo promoting NAF and its influence in equine sport and leisure.

“When all else fails, try a little Magic,” suggests some of the promotional wide-format prints we were very happy to supply to NAF. “Don’t wait that long,” we’d respond, “ get in touch with us. Try a lot of Voodoo supplied wide format digital print from the off.” It really works. Hard.

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Shop Window Graphics – It’s about Design

When is a shop window, not a shop window? When it’s obscured with shop window graphics to the extent the shopper can barely see in, or appreciate what may be on display.

That said, shop window graphics can play several important roles. They can serve as an identity continuation for shopping centre signs. They extend the reach of retail promotion and point of sale in shopping centres into the pedestrian zone. And they can assume a role in short-term seasonal sales generation too.

There’s a world of difference between window stickers and properly designed shop window graphics. That difference is Voodoo. We’ve been producing window graphics and signs for shopping centres for years – we know what works in the cause of retail sales promotion and retail brand development. And we know what doesn’t.

Window clings are easy for the retailer to apply but paradoxically, difficult to apply properly. Such low cost window graphics have a marked effect on the tone of a business overall. They instantly take the shine off it. You can do better with Voodoo and a more considered approach to retail promotion.

Shop window graphics considered as such and designed with an outcome in mind do much more. They can entice shoppers into the premises and promote buying decisions. They work so much harder than off the shelf window decals and, often, don’t cost much more either.

An agreement between tenants and shopping centres effectively has the shopping centre sign what amounts to a promise to promote the centre’s brand and environment. The retailer in the shopping centre signs an agreement to be bound by the standards that the landlord defines. Some shopping centres actually legislate against poor quality shop window graphics.

With Voodoo on your side, you’re not going to have a problem with your window graphics. We have a wealth of experience in the field and we’ve actually developed window graphics standards in consultation with major shopping centre developers and architects. We can deliver a package that works with your shop windows and not against them.

Window displays have evolved. Shop window graphics are a major part of that evolution. Great designs is the foundation for exceptional shop window graphics.

For a Bristol based signmaker, Voodoo Design is in big demand nationally. You’ll find our work performing brilliantly in shopping centres from one end of the UK to the other. We make signs in Bristol too.

For us, shop window graphics have become a speciality. For our clients, we’ve become a must. We understand the full spectrum of application possibilities. We have access to every material and production technology we need to do the job required.

Brand wallpaper for temporary hoardings

If you’re going to put anything on your shop windows, remember that you’re creating what’s often a first impression. Call Voodoo for shop window graphics and you’re in safe hands. You’ll get the window graphics you want, and our experience is delivered as standard.

Voodoo is a Bristol based sign, design and graphics company that works nationwide. We have a very impressive client portfolio and we take a special satisfaction from helping our customers make a little money go a very long way. It costs nothing at all to talk to us about your ideas and you wouldn’t be the first we’d surprised with just how affordable a big transformation can be. Or just how big an impact a little of our work can make.

Next steps are easy. Get in contact and see what makes us tick.

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