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Shop front signs, like the shops, restaurants and businesses they identify, are available in practically infinite variety. To do a good job on behalf of its host though, there’s relatively few ways that shop front signs should be produced. At the Voodoo DesignWorks in Bristol, shop front signs have become a deep specialisation. Our clientele for shop front signage includes some of the biggest names on the high street.

Every shop front sign that Voodoo designs and manufactures is made from the best materials that are available. Shop fronts in modern retail developments have long abandoned formats which once dedicated space to a fascia sign. Contemporary shop front sign design may need to find an elegant way of accomplishing fascia signs’ promotional roles, from within an expanse of glazing extending from ground level to the premises’ first floor.

Shop Front Signs

A shop front sign usually has a great deal of competition for attention. Cutting through the scribble of clutter and colour and retaining the subject brand’s personality is a challenge.

We think there’s three ways of manufacturing shop front signs. There’s the wrong way, there’s the right way, and there’s the Voodoo way. Shop front signage by Voodoo is informed by best practice in terms of its technical credentials, but we recognise that signs for shop fronts have to be more than just well fabricated structures. That’s why our retail shop fascia signs are possessed of a quality that distinguishes them from others.

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Shop front sign for Foreverbound tattoo shop


Signs being manufactured in the workshops at Voodoo


Installation of an external sign using acrylic letters onto a wooden fascia

Voodoo designs signs for shops in various illuminated signage formats. We work with neon sign lighting and we’re accomplished exponents of modern lighting technologies for signs such as LEDs. Traditional shop front signs have used sources of front-lit sign lighting and we’ve got a great deal of experience producing those too. We work in materials like plastics, wood and metal and we bring them into creative alliances that make shop front sign that shine.

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Ultimately, a sign for shops and other businesses have a duty to promote the business that hosts them. It’s a round-the-clock job that puts demands on the sign that only a quality product will survive. Shop front signs with indifferent light and design say a great deal about the business that hosts them and business surely suffers.

Voodoo has a wealth of experience it shop front and retail signing to offer anyone looking to rebrand, refresh or to stamp a brand new identity on a new business. We invite you to call and discuss your needs. Voodoo will put your business on the map.

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